Dr. F. J. Bennett's Bio

Dr. F. J. Bennett is an honors graduate of Pike High School. As a high school student, Dr. Bennett was awarded a full tuition scholarship to Tuskegee University. Based on her academic achievements during her college years in business education, she overcame many obstacles that helped her discover her purpose and calling in life and the love that she has for business. She graduated Magna cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Then she graduated with her Masters in Business Administration with a 4.0 GPA at Columbia Southern University.

Dr. Bennett eventually broadened a path toward a Doctorate of Business Administration degree, and she also now holds her Doctorate in Christian Education with Interfaith University. She has a passion for business planning and travel and this has developed into an intense desire to provide business planning and travel resources for business leaders to aid in the success of their ventures. She has been active in different fields over the last 10+ years that have prepared her for her current positions as a commercial planning consultant and a travel consultant. Her areas of work include the following:

- 10+ years of business planning (co-founder of Success By Design)

- 10+ years of travel consulting (certified travel agent)

- 10+ years of sales and marketing

- Tutor enrichment consulting

- Author of How to Get Answers Every Time You Pray for Your Business

- Author of Esther: A Woman of Valor

- Orator

- Actress

- Pianist

As a consultant, Dr. Bennett plans to fulfill her ultimate calling in life, which involves many factors and sees its as a great responsibility to achieve, but through dedication, perseverance, and wisdom it shall be done. She is determined to help other business people by the spreading and furtherance of ethical business principles to many parts of the world.